All pallets collected in our warehouses in Ploiesti and Turda are sorted by qualified personnel, by categories and degrees of wear. The unaffected are stored in dimensions and references. The damaged ones are sorted and introduced into the flow of repair shops for reconditioning. Pallets that can no longer be reconditioned fall into the category of waste, to be used as such.

Paleurop has an automatic sorting line with a capacity of about 1000 pallets / hour.

We ensure the sorting:

  • both of the pallets purchased by us,
  • as well as sorting, as an independent service, pallets owned by customers.

Sorting pallets as a service provision involves collecting pallets from customers, sorting them according to quality, type, size, repairing damaged ones, handing over good and refurbished pallets to the owner clients and acquiring by PALEUROP those who no longer have reuse qualities. or they are framed in packaging waste.

We provide these services also at your premises, thus organizing the spaces for storing the packages.

Livrare rapida

Livrarea se face cu mijloace proprii, produsele noastre ajungand in cel mai scurt timp in depozitul clientului, fiind gata de reintrare in circuitul economic

Multumire deplina

Calitate de exceptie si in conformitate cu standardele Europene


Acordam aceeasi atentie partenerilor nostri indiferent de marime si pozitia pe piata

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Desfasuram activitatea, cu profesionalism si devotament oferind garantia completa a lucrarii



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